Attention all translators and proofreaders. Please be aware of fake and scam emails. Kindly refuse any emails purporting to be from Media Consulta / MC Translate, especially if the email address originates from an address. All our project requests are sent from our domain address so verify all addresses and company names prior to accepting projects.

We want to see your translation qualifications and detailed experience!

Qualified linguists are always preferred but we cannot exclude on that basis only. So many times we have had newly qualified translators that cannot meet deadlines so we need to assess your commercial acumen. After all our clients reply on us, and we rely on you, so we have to support each other to set realistic quotes and deadlines to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Especially with our business clients we expect more than just qualifications. We are looking for industry experience in topics. This means we can become our translation expert for your background and knowledge.

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