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You and your financial service clients rely 100% on the translation service we provide.

All our translators understand that you rely fully on the quality of their translation work which is why we deliver the highest quality translations on time, every time.

Whatever the financial documents, reports or accounting papers you need translating, one thing is always true…you are not a professional translator and so you need to be able to trust us to supply you with the highest quality translations every time.

The longer you work with us, sending your clients ongoing translation jobs, the more important trust becomes. If we let you down even once you might rightly start doubting the quality of the work we deliver.

How can we ensure the highest quality every time?

  • All our translators are put through a rigorous assessment procedure before they work with us
  • All translation jobs are double checked and proof-read by an independent proofreader who is 1) native in that language 2) language qualified in that language 3) experienced in your document type and 4) is on our top linguist list meaning they have worked with us usually for many years and have consistently delivered the high standard we expect.
  • We request references from our translators previous projects.
  • We verify their qualifications
  • New translators, proofreaders and linguists We put them through work for you

We have a proven track record with financial document translations

Although based in Malta our clients are worldwide and several are multinational. Originating as a part of a pan-european office network our office in Malta became the operations hub for global translations for businesses of all sizes. We Need to insert text about longstandingNe fugit essent persequeris sed. Qui dico dicam sadipscing no. Ius posse omnes eleifend ne, no sea amet oblique. Mea in wisi utinam facilisi. Eu omnes nonumes reformidans sit, et eam aperiam pertinacia.

What if my translation job is too small/big for you?

We regularly receive jobs as small as a single word for clients to multi document manuscripts that need translating into many languages that had our translation team busy for months. This is especially typical when we are translating EU texts or for larger website translations. If you are not sure if we can handle your job, simply ask us.

  • What types of subsector?
  • What types of projects?
  • What types of clients? CSPs, Accountants, Banks
  • Financial document types we translate frequently include…

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What happens if my company translation is urgent?

We try to accommodate all urgent requests and for a small urgency fee we give you our fastest possible delivery date. If the translation is small we can normally rush this the same day, unless the weekend for example but if the translation is long we need time. But you can be assured we take your urgency seriously and will at least let you know what our delivery deadline would be so you can decide yourself.

What are the factors affecting the time it takes to deliver a completed business translation job?

In simple terms, if your translation service request arrives in the working week, the source document is easy to work with and is not too many words, then we can usually ensure our normal 3 day turnaround.
Day 1: We receive, process and agree terms with an experienced translator.
Day 2: The completed translation is passed to a native speaking and relevant proof reader.
Day 3: We receive the completed job, double check it for internal quality and pass it to you our customer.

Does the weekday I send you my file affect the delivery schedule of the translation?

Receiving your translation request files on a normal working week day makes things much faster for us to process your translation. Sending files at the weekend usually means you have to wait until Monday to receive a reply from us. Remember, we need to:

  • Check the file format is suitable for translation
  • Choose suitable translators for this job
  • Check and schedule their availability and
  • Count the words

PRO TIP: Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) are better than weekends

Can the quality of my document affect the delivery schedule?

You won’t believe some of the terrible document formats we receive, badly photocopied, low quality, blurry, distorted, shrunk and basically too poor quality to us. If we cannot read or work with your document we cannot translate it.

What if my original document format is bad?

If you absolutely cannot obtain a high quality document then we do have in-house tools we can use to try to fix the document enough to make a translation possible. We have managed to repair many files so we promise to do our best!

Will the number of words to be translated affect the delivery date?

Smaller translation jobs of 1-2 pages can normally be fitted into a translators work day and so smaller documents can normally follow our usual 3 day turnaround. Larger documents may take a translator several days or weeks full time work to sit and write the translation of your accounting and financial report for example. Add to this our processing time and the proof-reading by an experienced and native speaker it becomes clear that the larger the job you send the longer time it takes for us to deliver our high quality translation back to you.

Machine translation will displace only those humans that translate like machines
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