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Copywriting Services

What is a translation copywriter?

Translation copywriters are native speakers and qualified in the target language and their job to to review texts for errors, mistakes, corrections and suggestions to improve. A copywriter or copywriting agency are necessary to ensure your text does not contain mistakes.

What does the copywriter do?

In the translation business, the copy-writing job is to read the work of the translator to check, adjust, correct and improve the text to ensure that it is correct!

Examples of copywriting services

  • SEO and Digital Copywriting
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Web or website copywriting
  • Advertising or creative copywriting

The text is translated by a qualified translator who is a native speaker of the target language and specialises in the industry of your choice.

Once translated, the text is forwarded to a copywriter, a native speaker who resides in the target country. This ensures that the copywriter is in touch with developments related to trends, cultural nuances, etc. The copywriter will re-write the entire text and adapt it to its final purpose, be it an advert, billboard or an entire website.

Finally, a quality check is carried out by the Project Manager, where a control system is in action in order to guarantee that each job meets with MC Translate’s quality standards.

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