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Andrew is the founder and Managing Director of Media Consulta in Malta. He took on the challenge in 1997 and has been at the head of the business ever since. The company grew and diversified over the intervening years, eventually offering a full service integrated marketing portfolio of products to both local and international clients in Malta. For the last five years Andrew has reoriented the company’s activities towards three main areas of business: Public Relations, Translations & Interpretation Services and Adventure & Teambuilding. These three business sectors have shown strong growth potential and have allowed the company to strengthen its knowledge resources in each segment and offer superior quality services in each.

Andrew has an open, democratic and cooperative management style. He works hard to foster a spirit of belonging across the company’s team of executives. He spares no effort to ensure every member of the team is fully engaged doing what they do best and that they are all aware how much they are valued and how important their contribution towards the team’s success is.